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Woodworking Portfolio

A sampling of woodworking projects: This page is a repository for woodworking projects that fall under the category of fine wood working or cabinetry. I hope to be adding to it in the not so distant future!

Remodeling the Fireplace at Berkshire House

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here.. we’ve just been awfully busy and I somehow haven’t found the time to update the site…

Not all of our home improvement projects have been at Maison Barbara, we have actually done some work at Berkshire House. The latest project in an effort to update our home was to replace the massive brick fireplace mantle with something with a lower profile. The old brick mantle and surround was just to large to mount a TV above it and we feel that that is a common feature in new homes. We want Berkshire House to be competitive when we place it on the market in a couple months.

Below is a short photo essay on what we did. We’re pretty happy with the way it turned out…

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Guest Bath Remodel Update

The guest bath remodel phase one is almost complete…

This is the new vanity in the guest bath. The mirror needs to be hung, the plumbing hooked up, the drawers modified to fit around the plumbing, baseboard installed and ultimately the counter-top will be a beautiful piece of limestone.

Phase two will be the installation of a free standing tub and putting a more attractive tile on the floor.

Turning a slab of elm wood into a table

This slab of elm wood started out its journey into becoming a table top at the Whitewater Trout Farm in Whitewater California. The tree, along with several others was being removed because it was non-native and it was diseased.

I was fortunate enough to be on the scene at the right time to rescue the log, which was about seven feet long, three feet in diameter at the base and about four and a half feet across the crotch. I went home and borrowed a heavy duty trailer and went back to have them load it into the trailer with a back-hoe. Read more