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Another Boat Painting


Brioso… another Leukemia Cup donation commission. Of course Juntos nee Bagheera had to get in on the action too 🙂

The waterfall at 911 Barbara after a good rain

After a good rainfall the dry creek at the back of the lot fills with water and drops off of a twenty foot high ledge. It really is pretty to watch.

Click on the link below for a short video of the fall. You’ll need a reasonably fast connection to stream it well.

Waterfall for web

911 Barbara…

I’ve been super busy with all sorts of projects in and around Maison Barbara, and of course the paying gig takes precedence. But we’ve now added to the chaos and are now taking on another project. We have bought a vacant lot down the street and are in the process of building a home on it. The new house will have a nice view of the lake from the second floor.


Ray Leubner's Olson 30, StellaRay

Ray Leubner’s Olson 30, StellaRay 30 x 40 oil on canvas

Painted as a donation for the 2014 LCYC Dr. Branch Leukemia Cup

Renovation moving along nicely at Maison Barbara as of January 2015

It has been a while since I posted anything of our work on the Barbara house. We’ve been plugging along steadily, making good progress, and I think now is a good time to post a few photos of what we’ve accomplished. (I had considered posting what we’d done as we did it but somehow that seemed a little tedious from both a production and reader’s viewpoint as progress has been so incremental.)

Anyhow, the first three photos are there to remind you of what it looked like before we started the reno. (Click on the first thumbnail to open the gallery and see the full sized photos.)

Click here for photos

Comal County Tacos

Comal County Tacos is an institution in Bulverde, right next door to Canyon Lake. Not pretty, not gringo, just great tacos. They’re only open from 6 AM ’til 2 PM and they’re generally packed full. Perhaps the best way to experience their delicious tacos is as take out.

They tend towards the breakfast crowd, as the hours would suggest, but offer plenty of non B-fast oriented fare. I personally dig the carne guisada, chicharon with chili and the chicken fajitas tacos.


Remodeling 101

When we started looking at homes in Canyon Lake, this one really impressed us with its great view and reasonable price. We also really appreciated the fact that it has a level entry at the back of the house on the upper part of the lot. Usually having a great view means living on a hillside… meaning lots of stairs to climb!

This house is Maison Barbara.


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