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Another Boat Painting


Brioso… another Leukemia Cup donation commission. Of course Juntos nee Bagheera had to get in on the action too 🙂

My Take on a Marko…

Well, another knock-off: This painting is my take on a painting by an artist named Marko Mavrovich titled Hot July Morning. His style is similar to Howard Behrens but he appears to use brushes more than palette knives. I really like his subject matter so that’s why I decided to do a copy. I love the saturated colors and the abundant sunshine captured in his paintings.

This painting is a gift to our good friends Steve and Cassie Hitchcock – thanks guys for all your wonderful hospitality!

If you’re interested in his work you can go to http://gallerymarko.com

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Painting again after a two year hiatus…

It’s been about two years since I last picked up a paint brush… Lannie started teaching a painting class at the Grapevine Unity Church, patterned after a class taught by a beloved teacher – Leslie Carter – back in Corona, CA. In fact, that’s where we met.

Leslie taught a method that used a subtractive process monochromatic underpainting. While I no longer strictly use that process, I still like to rough in my painting with the values in a mixture of burnt sienna and burnt umber. That way I can see if the composition and balance are good. It also gives me a bit of a road map!

This painting is of the canal-side quay in Frontignan, on the Canal du Rhone. (Frontignan is just about ten kilometers or so from the Mediterranean port of Sete.) These boats were probably restored just to look good tied up along the quay. I wonder how often they actually got out!

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