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Frontignan Quayside Done! (I think…)

Well, I am pretty much finished with it. I can see a few minor corrections to make but I’m pretty happy with it. It is first one I’ve done in a couple years and I’m ready to start another!

Frontignan Quayside

I’m starting to get back into the swing of things after having not painted for more than two years. I have to think about what I’m doing whereas before it just… flowed. But I’m pretty happy with the way this is turning out and it is going to hang over the side-board at Maison Barbara.

Bridges Along the Canal…

As one would expect, bridges cross the canal system quite regularly. Some are beautiful and some…  aren’t. Some are quite old – the canals were predominantly built in the late 17th century – and some are new. The old ones seem to be respected but the newer ones are often covered with graffiti, some of it spectacular.

The older bridges present a challenge to navigation, sometimes the arches are barely wider than the boat. It’s a good thing that the current in the canal is negligible! The other thing to consider when piloting the boat under the old, lower bridges is to… duck!

Click here to see more bridges along the canal

Agde, France

One of the nicest places we spent a couple days at on our transit of the Canal du Rhone and Canal du Midi in the South of France during May and June of 2013 was Agde, Herault, France. Situated on the River Herault about five miles from where it empties out into the Mediterranean at Le Grau de Agde, Agde dates back to 525 BC and was founded by Greeks. Read more