Remodeling 101

When we started looking at homes in Canyon Lake, this one really impressed us with its great view and reasonable price. We also really appreciated the fact that it has a level entry at the back of the house on the upper part of the lot. Usually having a great view means living on a hillside… meaning lots of stairs to climb!

This house is Maison Barbara.


The house really is a gem in the rough. Built in 1978 it has low ceilings (7′ in the kitchen) with “popcorn” on them. So, we decided to raise the ceiling to 8′ in the kitchen and to raise it to 9′ in the main living area. While doing that, we’re also getting rid of the popcorn! Since we’re doing all that work, we have also decided to completely remodel the kitchen – new cabs, a redesigned island with the sink in it, appliances arranged into a more user friendly work triangle.

We’ll keep you up to date on all that we do here and to get you started are a bunch of photos of the beginnings of all we are accomplishing:


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