Hawai’i May 2014

It’s been eons since I last posted and this post is about something that took place eight months ago – I really have to do a better job keeping up!

So, after fifty five years on the planet I finally made it to Hawai’i. Lancine and I went and met our friends Louis and Melinda Tran along with Melinda’s daughter Valentina for a wonderful week on Oahu. We rented a home in lovely Kailua. We did venture in to Honolulu and Waikiki Beach just to check it out but the windward side of the island was so much more laid back and dare I say it, authentic.

I think renting a house is a much more interesting way to go than staying at a resort. And cheaper… once we found out where the locals shopped we got hooked up with great fresh veggies and get this, sushi grade tuna for $8/lb. We also got fresh off the boat wahoo for $4/lb – great on the grill! We did most of our eating at the house and we ate very well indeed.

Below are a few photos of the trip. We had a great time and are looking forward to the next trip!

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