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Crown Pork Roast for Christmas Eve Dinner

We like to do something special for dinner at least once during the holidays and have the whole family over. This Christmas Eve we did a Crown Roast of Pork. Pretty spectacular looking and not very difficult to do if you get your butcher to tie it off for you as I did! You can roast it as is with just a little salt and pepper and some garlic slivers inserted into the meat and roast it at about 375 for a while – three – three and a half hours seems to get the temp up to 160 in the fattest part of the roast and it should brown up nicely that long at that temp.

However, that’s too easy… We like to do it up a little and so we stuffed it with an awesome sausage stuffing! We made up a mess of lumpy buttery garlic mashed potatoes and made a fantastic gravy out of the pan drippings and some chicken base to go with it. Bonnie brought her yummy green beans with ham, I made a sourdough boule to tear apart, and we finished with citrus rainbow sherbet for dessert…

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Bouef Bourgignon

We had some of our French Canal Tripsters over for dinner the other night to share memories and photos and it seemed fitting to prepare a classic French dish; Bouef Bourgignon (or Beef Burgundy). I used Julia Child’s recipe (sort of…), if it was good enough for her it was certainly good enough for me. I say sort of because I did double the number of pearl onions and mushrooms and I added a splash of cognac – to both myself and the pearlies and ‘shrooms – while sauteing them.

This dish, although labor intensive is well worth the effort. The flavors that develop are deep and rich. You might be willing to consider this as just another “beef stew” but I guarantee you it is far more than that. Enjoy it with a good Pinot Noir with at least a couple years under its belt; we drank an ’11 Mark West that was very nice along with an ’09 Four Vines old vine Zinfandel that was excellent.

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Comal County Tacos

Comal County Tacos is an institution in Bulverde, right next door to Canyon Lake. Not pretty, not gringo, just great tacos. They’re only open from 6 AM ’til 2 PM and they’re generally packed full. Perhaps the best way to experience their delicious tacos is as take out.

They tend towards the breakfast crowd, as the hours would suggest, but offer plenty of non B-fast oriented fare. I personally dig the carne guisada, chicharon with chili and the chicken fajitas tacos.


Market Day

Saturday morning is the big market day in Agde, as in most French towns and villages. I took far too few photos to do the scene justice. Not only was there fresh produce in more abundance, quality and variety than I’ve ever seen before, but all the other food groups were amazingly represented: fresh meats of all kinds, sausages and cured meats, more varieties of cheese than you knew existed, fresh dairy, breads, pastas and pastries to make your jaw drop, herbs and spices, honeys, dried fruits and nuts… the list goes on. Read more