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My Take on a Marko…

Well, another knock-off: This painting is my takeĀ on a painting by an artist named Marko Mavrovich titled Hot July Morning. His style is similar to Howard Behrens but he appears to use brushes more than palette knives. I really like his subject matter so that’s why I decided to do a copy. I love the saturated colors and the abundant sunshine captured in his paintings.

This painting is a gift to our good friends Steve and Cassie Hitchcock – thanks guys for all your wonderful hospitality!

If you’re interested in his work you can go to

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Master Bath Vanity Update

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here. We’ve been very busy on various projects but have completed nothing… until now. We are both happy to be done with the first phase of our master bath update – redoing the vanity.

The two guys we bought the house from who had bought it as a total wreck and started to refurb it didn’t quite get finished with the master bath. They had done a lot of good work but we came along and bought the house before they had a chance to finish everything. They had put a new vanity and lighting into the bath but it was not what we wanted so we decided to completely redo it.

Click below for a blow by blow of what we did!

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