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Kitchen and Great Room Demolition Complete!

Here are four photos showing the current state of affairs in the great room and kitchen at Maison Barbara. We are now ready to start putting it all back together starting with raising the ceiling joists.

Mustang Island Beach Getaway for a Day

We spent the weekend a couple weeks before Christmas helping our friends Cassie and Steve on a decorating project they were in the middle of. Their client had purchased a nice condo on one of the canals on Mustang Island; part of the Padre Island Chain just across from Corpus Christi. We helped hang drapes and pictures etc. and positioned and re-positioned furniture.

We did however manage to get away for a bit of time in the late afternoon one day and we went to the beach. It was a pleasant surprise, the sand white and soft and the water a clear green blue. I was expecting it to be more like the beaches I had experienced so often on Florida’s central gulf coast; gray water and coarse, shelly sand. It proved to be a lovely place and we’ll be going back.

Crown Pork Roast for Christmas Eve Dinner

We like to do something special for dinner at least once during the holidays and have the whole family over. This Christmas Eve we did a Crown Roast of Pork. Pretty spectacular looking and not very difficult to do if you get your butcher to tie it off for you as I did! You can roast it as is with just a little salt and pepper and some garlic slivers inserted into the meat and roast it at about 375 for a while – three – three and a half hours seems to get the temp up to 160 in the fattest part of the roast and it should brown up nicely that long at that temp.

However, that’s too easy… We like to do it up a little and so we stuffed it with an awesome sausage stuffing! We made up a mess of lumpy buttery garlic mashed potatoes and made a fantastic gravy out of the pan drippings and some chicken base to go with it. Bonnie brought her yummy green beans with ham, I made a sourdough boule to tear apart, and we finished with citrus rainbow sherbet for dessert…

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Did a bomb go off in here?

The holidays really put a crimp on getting work done here at Maison Barbara and in me posting to this site! But we’ve gotten back on track and the demo is now almost complete. I just have a couple base cabs and the kitchen island to remove and a couple doorways to widen and then it’s on the the fun stuff – putting it all back together.

However, first things first; I need to re-route a lot of electrical and plumbing, and rerun the HVAC for the new ceiling height before I can start buttoning it all back up. But here’s a look at the interior of the main part of the house as it stands now – not a sight for the faint of heart!

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