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Bouef Bourgignon

We had some of our French Canal Tripsters over for dinner the other night to share memories and photos and it seemed fitting to prepare a classic French dish; Bouef Bourgignon (or Beef Burgundy). I used Julia Child’s recipe (sort of…), if it was good enough for her it was certainly good enough for me. I say sort of because I did double the number of pearl onions and mushrooms and I added a splash of cognac – to both myself and the pearlies and ‘shrooms – while sauteing them.

This dish, although labor intensive is well worth the effort. The flavors that develop are deep and rich. You might be willing to consider this as just another “beef stew” but I guarantee you it is far more than that. Enjoy it with a good Pinot Noir with at least a couple years under its belt; we drank an ’11 Mark West that was very nice along with an ’09 Four Vines old vine Zinfandel that was excellent.

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Thanksgiving at Cobb Island

It is all too rare an occasion when I get to spend time with my relatives. But fortunately I do get that opportunity from time to time and this time it was for Thanksgiving, 2013. I spent a couple days at my Uncle Bob’s place on Cobb Island, in Maryland.  I saw people who were just children when I saw them last and now they have children of their own – time really has a way of getting away from you!

I’ve included a few photos from the visit, enjoy…

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