Another Boat Painting


Brioso… another Leukemia Cup donation commission. Of course Juntos nee Bagheera had to get in on the action too 🙂

The waterfall at 911 Barbara after a good rain

After a good rainfall the dry creek at the back of the lot fills with water and drops off of a twenty foot high ledge. It really is pretty to watch.

Click on the link below for a short video of the fall. You’ll need a reasonably fast connection to stream it well.

Waterfall for web

911 Barbara…

I’ve been super busy with all sorts of projects in and around Maison Barbara, and of course the paying gig takes precedence. But we’ve now added to the chaos and are now taking on another project. We have bought a vacant lot down the street and are in the process of building a home on it. The new house will have a nice view of the lake from the second floor.

Woodworking Portfolio

A sampling of woodworking projects: This page is a repository for woodworking projects that fall under the category of fine wood working or cabinetry. I hope to be adding to it in the not so distant future!


Ray Leubner's Olson 30, StellaRay

Ray Leubner’s Olson 30, StellaRay 30 x 40 oil on canvas

Painted as a donation for the 2014 LCYC Dr. Branch Leukemia Cup

Renovation moving along nicely at Maison Barbara as of January 2015

It has been a while since I posted anything of our work on the Barbara house. We’ve been plugging along steadily, making good progress, and I think now is a good time to post a few photos of what we’ve accomplished. (I had considered posting what we’d done as we did it but somehow that seemed a little tedious from both a production and reader’s viewpoint as progress has been so incremental.)

Anyhow, the first three photos are there to remind you of what it looked like before we started the reno. (Click on the first thumbnail to open the gallery and see the full sized photos.)

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Hawai’i May 2014

It’s been eons since I last posted and this post is about something that took place eight months ago – I really have to do a better job keeping up!

So, after fifty five years on the planet I finally made it to Hawai’i. Lancine and I went and met our friends Louis and Melinda Tran along with Melinda’s daughter Valentina for a wonderful week on Oahu. We rented a home in lovely Kailua. We did venture in to Honolulu and Waikiki Beach just to check it out but the windward side of the island was so much more laid back and dare I say it, authentic.

I think renting a house is a much more interesting way to go than staying at a resort. And cheaper… once we found out where the locals shopped we got hooked up with great fresh veggies and get this, sushi grade tuna for $8/lb. We also got fresh off the boat wahoo for $4/lb – great on the grill! We did most of our eating at the house and we ate very well indeed.

Below are a few photos of the trip. We had a great time and are looking forward to the next trip!

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Starting another painting inspired by our trip to the south of France.


Well, it looks as if I am stuck on a theme here… this painting is very similar in many ways to the canal scene of the Frontignan Quay-side I painted not too long ago. Similar subject matter, similar composition (although a very different format) and similar colors. But the sameness is not coincidental, they are meant to be companion pieces displayed on two different walls in the same room.

This is an image of rowing boats tied up along side a quay along the River Herault as it passes through the town of Agde, a medieval town in the south of France and serviced by the Canal du Rhone. These boats are used for rowing competitions, oft times fueled by large quantities of the local red. Apparently the races can be very entertaining to watch!

But after this I’ll take a break from this subject as I have two commissions to paint, both of sailboats – should be fun and I’m looking forward to doing them.

Remodeling the Fireplace at Berkshire House

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here.. we’ve just been awfully busy and I somehow haven’t found the time to update the site…

Not all of our home improvement projects have been at Maison Barbara, we have actually done some work at Berkshire House. The latest project in an effort to update our home was to replace the massive brick fireplace mantle with something with a lower profile. The old brick mantle and surround was just to large to mount a TV above it and we feel that that is a common feature in new homes. We want Berkshire House to be competitive when we place it on the market in a couple months.

Below is a short photo essay on what we did. We’re pretty happy with the way it turned out…

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My Take on a Marko…

Well, another knock-off: This painting is my take on a painting by an artist named Marko Mavrovich titled Hot July Morning. His style is similar to Howard Behrens but he appears to use brushes more than palette knives. I really like his subject matter so that’s why I decided to do a copy. I love the saturated colors and the abundant sunshine captured in his paintings.

This painting is a gift to our good friends Steve and Cassie Hitchcock – thanks guys for all your wonderful hospitality!

If you’re interested in his work you can go to

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